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SuppApp: Now never worry about forgetting you cell phones.


This is very new application in android market but its powerful features leaves all the application in this categories aside!!  It’s friendly interface is very impressive.

Basic Functionality: It will notify incoming messages, missed call, received calls, dialed calls to specified phone number or email address. It will also add the number and name(if its present in your contact list) in the notification. It has in-built filter to exclusive block some contact(if you don’t want to receive notification form certain number) or exclusive allow any contact(if you want to receive notification only from certain number).

What makes this application different??

The main functionality which makes it different from any other app in this category is its in-built REMOTE CONTROLLER!!

To use this app you need to set a password. Which will be used for remote verification and will also be needed to change the setting manually. So you are super safe 🙂

REMOTE CONTROLLER: Using this feature you can configure your app from any mobile in the world. App has the concept of admin privilege, this privilege can be given to any number either manually or through remote log in into the application. Only Admin Privileged number change the current settings of the Application. There is series of per-defined commands to control your mobile from admin privileged number.


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About Verizon iPhone
==>>Verizon Wireless, is a wireless phone provider that

owns and operates the largest mobile telecommunications

network in the United States, based on a total of 93.2 million

U.S. subscribers, 400,000 subscribers ahead of the second

largest provider
==>>Verizon Wireless is one of two major U.S. carriers that

use CDMA technology, the other being Sprint Nextel. Alltel

also used CDMA before becoming part of Verizon Wireless.
–>The Verizon iPhone’s software is slightly more advanced, it’s

running iOS 4.2.5, while the most current release for all other iPhones is iOS 4.2.1.
–>Verizon says up to five Wi-Fi devices can connect to the iPhone’s Internet connection at the same time.
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Because of the security features built into Windows XP, it is virtually impossible to get back into the system without the password.
You have several options to try and get around this problem.
If you have access to another user account with administrator rights, you can use that account to change the password
of the account that is locked out. You can also use the default Administrator account that is built into Windows XP.
First you need to boot the system into Safe Mode.
1.Restart your system.
2.When you see the blue Dell globe or screen, press the ( F8 ) key about 3 times a second.
3.You should get the Windows startup menu. Use the (Up or Down) arrow keys to highlight (SafeMode)
4.Press (Enter) on (Safe Mode), then press (Enter) on (Windows XP).
5.The system should boot to Safe Mode.
Once you are at the Account Log on Screen, click on the icon
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What is 3G

Many of us are abuzz with the arrival of this new technology on the scene. It’s going to change how we connect to people, our passions, our entertainment and our loved ones. Simply put 3G is the ‘3rd Generation’ technology for mobiles. It helps you get a faster internet speed on your mobile phones enabling you to access far richer content like information, entertainment, education, banking and healthcare on your mobile phone with features like video calling, faster audio and video streaming, faster download of music and movies of your choice, Live TV and a superior social networking experience.

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