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How to find a remote IP

How to find a remote IP

Method 1

To view someone’s IP# when they send you hotmail email do this:
1) Click “Options” on the upper right side of the page.
2) On the left side of the page, Click “Mail”
3) Click “Mail Display Settings”
4) Under “Message Headers” select “Full” or “Advanced”
5) Click ok

Method 2
reg a dydns account and install the ip pointer, so each time you ping the host name you regestored

for example:
you regestor the host name myhost.dydns.com, then you keep a little software running on the target host. The little

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Note: the terms multicast address and MSB are explained at the end.

Every station on a PSN (packet switched network) that is based on the TCP/IP

protocol (your computer is one, for example. Yes, we’re referring to a host

that is connected to the net) must have an IP address, so it can be identified,

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