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Tum dil ki dhakan mein rehte ho……….

E -----5---8---5-------5-----------6----5---6-5------------
B -6--------------8--6-------5--8---------------8-6--------

f   a   c,  a  g  f a,    e  g  a#,  a  a# a g f

Tum dil ki, dhadkan mein, rehte ho, tum  rehte ho
E ----5--8---5-------5----------6------5-------------------
B -6------------8--6------5--8------------8--6-------------

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Tum paas aye ……

E -9-10-9-----9-------------------------
B -------12-10--------------------------
D --------------------------------------
A --------------------------------------
E --------------------------------------

Tum Pass Ayye
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Tum ho to gata hai dil ….

The song uses basic chords so even if you have just learned chords, you can play this song comfortably.

Cmaj, Amin, Dmin, Gmaj, Fmaj

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