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if facebook site is blocked for you for some reason mostly in the college and office
you can try these alternatives some of them will work for you and some of them may not it depends on the
what is the technique used in your place to block the site good luck
open command prompt and type (ping http://www.facebook.com) without braces you will get the IP address use this
as http://IP address , example

try this
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Because of the security features built into Windows XP, it is virtually impossible to get back into the system without the password.
You have several options to try and get around this problem.
If you have access to another user account with administrator rights, you can use that account to change the password
of the account that is locked out. You can also use the default Administrator account that is built into Windows XP.
First you need to boot the system into Safe Mode.
1.Restart your system.
2.When you see the blue Dell globe or screen, press the ( F8 ) key about 3 times a second.
3.You should get the Windows startup menu. Use the (Up or Down) arrow keys to highlight (SafeMode)
4.Press (Enter) on (Safe Mode), then press (Enter) on (Windows XP).
5.The system should boot to Safe Mode.
Once you are at the Account Log on Screen, click on the icon
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INTRO | C | C/E | F | F |                                x 4

Oooahhh OOaaaahh ahhhhh

C                      C/E             F

I’ve been roaming around,  Always looking down at all I see

C               C/E           F

Painted faces fill the places I can’t reach

Am          C F

You know that I could use somebody

Am          C F

You know that I could use somebody

Bass & Drums In

C                 C/E               F

Someone like you, and all you know, And how you speak

C          C/E           F

Countless lovers under cover of the street

Am          C F

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